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Why take this course?

If you hold a Bachelor of Business qualification, this honours degree programme provides you with the opportunity to gain a Level 8 qualification after one further year of full-time study. The curriculum includes advanced business knowledge and skills to prepare you for the challenges and opportunities likely to arise in future employment. The overall aim is to provide you with the opportunity to develop the analytical and high-level business skills required to deal effectively with rapid technological, organisational and environmental change in a modern business setting. You will develop a conceptual, systematic and mature approach to the identification, analysis and solution of problems in business/commercial/service organisations. You will also acquire the knowledge and critical understanding of the interrelationships between the different functions within business management.

In this episode, business graduate Aidan Reilly discusses his current role with Fidelity International and how the knowledge and skills gained throughout his degree were of huge benefit when looking for employment.

What will I experience?

In addition to traditional lectures and computer lab sessions the course uses practical workshops to provide you with the opportunity to apply the theory, concepts and principles in practice.There will be group exercises which will facilitate peer-supported learning, team-working, communications and creativity. There are case-studies which provide you with an understanding of the practical application of theory in a cross-functional setting. AIT uses the Moodle platform, which is an online resource that will be used to facilitate access to class notes, resources, discussion forums, sharing resources etc., as well as using the platform as a means of communication via e-mail, notices.

Professional skills - such as

(a) Literacy, numeracy and IT skills;

(b) People-related skills - such as communication, interpersonal, team-working, customer-service skills;

(c) Conceptual-thinking skills - such as problem-solving, planning and organising, personal development, innovation and creative skills. All these skills are critical to any student working in a professional capacity. As part of the programme design, a number of modules involving the phased development of such skills have been integrated into the programme: for example through submission of written reports, oral presentations and team projects. These skills are in demand for business professionals and will be emphasised to students. Additional emphasis will be placed on the importance of adherence to honesty, ethics and integrity principles.

What opportunities might it lead to?

The course is designed to be a general business honours degree which allows choice. Depending on your choice, the honours degree can start you into an IT, Human Resources, Marketing/selling, International Business or Finance career.

As a graduate of this programme, you are eligible to be considered for the Master of Business one-year, full-time programme at AIT or another institution. Full details of our AIT postgraduate programmes are contained in the AIT postgraduate prospectus.

Assessment Information

There is a range of different assessments depending on the subjects you take. All subjects have a form of in-term class tests allowing feedback on your performance. There are online quizzes with and without marks awarded. There are two and three hour final written exams. There are group and individual oral and written presentations. There are essays; for example as a book review or reflective reports. There are oral examinations in Languages and case study presentations. There are lab based and home based test environments. All assessments are designed to occur gradually over the year so as to avoid overloading at any one point.

Course Details

Course Duration:
1 Year
Course Award:
Bachelor of Business (Honours)
Course NFQ Level:
Level 8
Dept of Business & Management
Minimum Entry Requirements:

Bachelor of Business (Level 7) qualification is required.

Course Structure

Year 4

Strategic Marketing, Financial Management, Strategic Analysis, Strategic Implementation, Systems and Project Management.

Electives: Management Accounting and Decision-Making, Enterprise Database Systems, Integrated Marketing Communications, Supply Chain Management, French, German, Spanish, Financial Markets, Managing People and Organisational Change, Contemporary Issues in Marketing, Ethical Decision-Making and Leadership.

Careers & Opportunities

Career Prospects

As an honours business graduate, you can expect to obtain employment at the appropriate level across a wide range of business areas, including management, administration, accounting,banking, retail management, finance, marketing, human resource management,insurance, and computing/information technology. Rapid career progression maybe expected on the basis of expertise, commitment and attitude.

Further Study

As a graduate of this programme, you are eligible to be considered for the Master of Business one-year, full-time programme at AIT or another institution. Full details of our AIT postgraduate programmes are contained in the AIT postgraduate prospectus.

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