Staff Hub

The staff hub was created to provide TUS staff with useful information to help you as you work within our community. Information about the systems we use within the Institute, such as Office 365, Moodle, Zoom and others is available here, along with some useful guides to using the systems. If you're teaching, you can access your module descriptors on Module Manager and find out how to enter results in Gradebook. These are available in the Downloads section. In the Useful Links section, there are links to other areas within the Institute, such as Human Resources, where you will find information and resources relating to the work environment.

Finally, our Data Protection Officer, Betty Brennan, has developed a comprehensive guide to our GDPR responsabilities. Take some time to read the information provided in the GDPR section, so that you can be sure you are GDPR compliant. 

This is to confirm that the email sent by the IT Manager (Midlands) on 16 May 2022 concerning the updating of staff laptops is a legitimate email.



Microsoft Office 365: a suite of tools to help you work, connect, collaborate and create

All our staff have access to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools. These include Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Outlook and many others. You also have considerable storage facilities with MS OneDrive.

In addition, the most commonly used internal TUS links and apps have also been include within your dashboard. These include links to Moodle, Zoom, Agresso, Core and many more. Log in using your TUS staff credentials.

Moodle logo

Moodle: our virtual learning environment

TUS has adopted Moodle as its virtual learning environment to enhance the educational experience for our students. Since 2003 our community of Moodle users has grown significantly and now includes people from across the Institute such as academic staff, Student Services, Counselling and the TUS Library.

If you are teaching new modules and need access to these on Moodle, you will need to contact your Faculty Administrator. Below are some useful links:

  • Moodle Teaching Support: if you need advice or guidance on using Moodle for your teaching, please contact our Learning & Teaching Unit.(
  • Moodle Technical Support: please log your issue on the helpdesk - Anthony Connor (Computer Services) will assist with your query.
  • Access Moodle (Log on to Moodle with your TUS staff account credentials)
  • Moodle teaching guides (TUS staff only)

Zoom: our online teaching/meeting platform

To deliver our online, synchronous classes we use the popular online meeting platform, Zoom, which allows us to provide engaging sessions using its many features. Lecturers usually provide the link to their online classes via their Moodle page or Email. It is worth noting that TUS students also have their own licensed Zoom account, so they can organise meetings for group projects, etc. You should access Zoom through your Office 365 account.

Zoom video tutorials (provided by Zoom)

Teaching with Zoom (TUS Learning & Teaching Resources page)

Useful Links